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Extracting and Exporting Records

Video Extracting and Exporting Records


Exporting Records

The Export Records menu enables an organisation to create an Excel report of their MDS or COMS data within a specified time-frame.

The MDS Data Export allows for reports to be built based on Commencement OR Cessation date and includes 5 spreadsheets:

  • Episodes

  • Previous Treatment

  • Service Contact

  • Other Treatment

  • Other Drugs

After selecting the date type from the drop down menu and entering a date range, you will need to select either the NSW MDS format or the Commonwealth NMDS format – then press the Export to Excel button and you will be asked whether you would like to Open or Save the extract that has been generated.

If you indicate that you want to open the Excel spreadsheet then your computer will be prompted to open Excel, and you will be presented with a comprehensive workbook with 5 spreadsheets with all the raw data with questions indicated at the top of each column.

Exporting Client Outcomes Reports

In relation to the COMS data export, you have three options in the Export Records page:

  • Show Report

  • Export to Excel

  • Export to CSV

Show Report

Generates an Organisation Outcomes Report – as outlined in the Generating NADAbase Reports section of Help.

Export to Excel

Generates an Excel spreadsheet of all the responses (words or numbers) to the Client Outcome Measure survey questions in the date range and allocated to an individual spreadsheet within the Excel workbook according to the Survey Areas (SDS, K10 BBV etc.)

Export to CSV

Generates a spreadsheet displaying every answer for every question for every client stage and episode across different services within that time period, essentially the raw data for that time period. Unlike the ‘Export to Excel’ function, this is an untabbed, unorganised form with all data in number form.

The primary purpose of this function is to organise the data in a way that can be easily exported to statistical software packages. It includes some MDS data for those services who also use the NADA online database to collect MDS data (client type (i.e. own drug use/others drug use), treatment delivery setting, source of referral, main treatment type).